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Waterloo, Napoleon's last stand

The historic town of Waterloo and the site of Napoleon's last battle are located about 20 km from Brussels, close to the Sonian Forest in Wallonia.

The Napoleon Trail in Wallonia

A guidebook, videos, a marked trail and a GPS route for cars & mountain bikes that let you live Napoleon's final battle. Napoleon Trail in Wallonia.

The Lion's Mound in Waterloo

The enormous lion, cast from French cannons taken during the battle, can be seen from far and wide, proudly looking out towards France from atop the mound.

It marks the spot where the Prince of Orange was wounded during the attacks and symbolises the heart of the battlefield, a legendary place steeped in memories, where in 1815 Napoleon's troops fought to the death against Wellington and Blücher's men.

Lion's Hamlet

This hamlet has become the starting point for the Battlefield. The Lion Mound, audiovisual show, the film at the visitors’ centre as well as the Panorama will take you through this tragic past.

The Battlefield is also the stage of a great historical reconstruction every summer weekend you can watch re-enactments and military displays in period costume.


The Wellington Museum

At the heart of Waterloo, don’t miss the Wellington museum. The Duke of Wellington, who lead the allied forces against Napoleon, settled his headquarters here on 17 and 18 Juin 1815.


Need to know more?

Waterloo Tourist Office

Visit the battlefield of Waterloo with the Pass 1815

2015, bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo