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Requirements and legal documents

Various legal requirements for tourists, in terms of papers, visas, passports, medical insurance or laws for pets.

Visas and Passports

Visitors coming from EU countries are only required to take their identity card or their passport.

Visitors coming from non-EU countries must possess a valid passport.

Rules may differ regarding visas and other legal documents, depending on whether the visitor's country of origin is within the Schengen territory or not. Rules may also differ according to the visitor's intended length of stay, particularly if the stay exceeds 3 months.

To find out exactly what is required, the full list of regulations currently in force and mandatory documents necessary is available on the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs


Except in exceptional circumstances, Belgium does not require visitors to have had any particular vaccinations before entering the country.

We do, however, recommend that you check whether you have been vaccinated against tetanus and diptheria, although this is not related to your visit to Belgium.

It is essential that visitors coming from EU countries bring their European Health Insurance Card.


The Ministery of Foreign Affairs website has published a page with information on bringing pets (dogs or cats) into Belgium, and on the various rules and formalities currently in force to be observed in this respect.