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© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

Macaroons, pastries and other sweet delights in Wallonia

Beaumont is a town that’s well known among lovers of sweet treats. Why? Because its macaroons are the pride of the region and a joy for the taste buds.

© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

Macaroons, Beaumont and Napoleon

On the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, the imperial troops of Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Jérôme are said to have set up their headquarters in the Grand-Place in Beaumont. According to legend, his cook gave the recipe for macaroons to a local pastry chef.

Today, the fourth generation of that pastry chef’s family still holds the secret recipe for this small biscuit made from egg white, sugar and almonds.

There’s nothing sweeter than confectionery!

The Beaumont macaroon is not the same as the Mons macaroon, the Fleurus bernardin is not the same as the Chimay bernardin, and the Marche baiser is not the same as the Malmédy baiser, but they are all delicious and deserve their place in the world of gourmet sweet treats.

They each have their own specific recipe, and you’ll find a host of tourist attractions around them, such as heritage sites, walks, etc.

But there is one that has stood the test of time, impervious to any foreign influence: the couque de Dinant pastry.

Here are some links to places where you can try them out for yourself.

Boulangerie Solbreux (BEAUMONT)
Couques Jacobs - biscuits (DINANT)
Thonon Biscuits (DINANT)
Couques V. Collard 1774 - traditional biscuits (DINANT)